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Find Helpful Tips and Information on the Podiatry Blog

When it comes to foot pain treatment options, the industry is constantly moving forward. Learn more about the latest innovations in podiatric care on this blog from our very own Illinois podiatrist, Dr. Melissa J. Lockwood.

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  • Foot Health: Managing Glucose Levels If you are diabetic and want to keep your feet safe and healthy, you need to take measures to manage your blood glucose levels
  • Benefits of Diabetic Footwear One of the most valuable tools for protecting your feet when you have diabetes is diabetic footwear. Learn about some benefits from Dr. Melissa Lockwood.
  • Why Wound Care is Critical Dr. Melissa Lockwood stresses the importance of addressing diabetic wounds promptly to ensure proper healing and avoid complications.
  • Protect Diabetic Feet Dr. Melissa Lockwood discusses the dangers diabetic feet face and what you can do to protect yourself from harm.
  • Give Your Blood Flow a Boost Good circulation is a key factor in the health of your feet. Dr. Melissa Lockwood shares ways to get your blood pumping!
  • Diabetic Daily Foot Check: To-Dos If you have diabetes, the top of your to do list should be a daily self-foot exam. Dr. Melissa Lockwood explains.
  • Naturally Healing Diabetic Neuropathy Diabetic Neuropathy is a loss of feeling in different areas, especially your feet! Dr. Lockwood explains natural treatments for neuropathy.