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A Foot Blog About Back Pain

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I’ve been dealing with constant back pain my entire life. I always thought that I had just developed too quickly as a kid and was dealing with something really common, something that every kid my age had to go through.

I learned recently that I actually was suffering from a moderate/severe case of scoliosis! I sat down and looked at my x-rays with my doctor and he exclaimed “Gosh, Jess, you’ve got some curves!” (I quickly found out that he meant a severe curvature of the spine, not a giving me a strange compliment over my x-ray films.)

I was worried at first, because some of the first things that pop into someone’s mind after seeing their spine twist and turn are words like “braces”, “physical therapy”, or even worse… “surgery.”

Now some of you may be wondering… How does this relate at ALL to feet? Well, during my time at Dr. Lockwood’s office I’ve seen many of these same moments with patients. Moments when you can see behind someone’s eyes that they’re trying to work out what all these medical terms mean to them, how its going to affect their everyday lives, and how they’re going to be able to afford care for their condition.

I was able to go to treat my scoliosis with conservative options. I’ve been attending physical therapy, getting massages, following a doctor’s instructions for stretching, and icing my spine regularly. Shockingly enough, these treatments overlap greatly with most of the conservative treatment options that we use in our office for your feet!

If you’re suffering from foot pain, you should know, it isn’t something that has to be dealt with and there are many options over the counter to alleviate some of that pain. But sometimes, those over the counter options are just not enough and you’re still struggling to make it through the day on your feet (like me with my back.).  A podiatrist can develop a treatment plan based on what’s hurting you specifically, in a way that an over the counter remedy just can’t.  One of the things that I love about working for Dr. Lockwood is that she makes an amazing effort to develop a treatment plan that fits into a patient’s lifestyle, along with the specific help that your ailment needs.

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