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Advantages of Orthotics for Children

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Orthotics are an effective treatment for many kinds of painful foot conditions, because they not only provide support and comfort but actually correct faulty biomechanics. In other words, they help you walk the right way, relieving tension, stress, and misalignment throughout the body. This is as true for children as it is for adults: the right custom orthotics will realign their foundation so that they can walk, run, and play without restriction.

Kids FeetAddressing foot pain in children and adolescents in a timely fashion is especially important because it is critical for them to develop healthy habits early in life. Foot pain can keep a child inside playing games or watching TV when they could be playing outside or enjoying sports. They may increasingly shy away from healthy exercise not because they don’t enjoy it, but because it hurts too much. For a child in pain, the advantages of orthotics can be immense, and the benefits may persist for years, even if orthotics are no longer necessary.

There is one major obstacle when it comes to orthotics for kids, though—they’re still growing! An adult can expect to keep his or her custom orthotics for years with proper care. But kids will outgrow theirs at the same rate they outgrow their shoes, potentially two or even three times per year. If your child only needs a prefabricated insole like PowerKids, this is more manageable—new pairs only run about $40. Full custom orthotics (which may run closer to $600), however, can get very expense and frustrating for parents. Unfortunately, it means that kids often don’t get the support they really need.

But there’s good news! Our Orthotic Outgrowth Policy protects parents from the financial burden of replacing their child’s orthotics as they grow. It only costs $99 to enroll in the program once your child gets their first orthotic fitted, and for the next 3 years (up to age 13) orthotics that need to be replaced due to outgrowth will only cost $99 each. We encourage you to review the program closely for details about how it works and call us with any questions.

At Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates in Bloomington, IL, our goal is always to get your little one back on their feet, pain free, running and playing at full speed as quickly as easily as possible. If your child is in pain, give us a call today at (309) 661-9975. 

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