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Anna vs. Elsa in FROZEN

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The Frozen phenomenon- the fifth highest-grossing film,  the highest-grossing animated film, the highest-grossing 2013 film, the highest-grossing Walt Disney Pictures release, and the second highest-grossing film distributed by Disney (WHEW!)- has invaded HFAA and my home!  Lauren loves the movie and can’t go a day without singing ‘Let It Go’!  At daycare, all of the children hover around the CD player and sing Frozen songs over and over.  It’s not much different at the office. My office manager, Sam, is obsessed with Disney and loves Frozen just as much- if not more- than Lauren.  So you can hear Sam’s interpretation of Frozen songs at HFAA too- she’s a better office manager than singer! :-)

Now, where Sam and Lauren differ is their favorite Frozen character.  Sam’s favorite character is Elsa while Lauren likes Anna.  Sam says she likes Elsa because she is free-willed, independent, but still loves her family and the little town of Arendelle.  Sam also brings up a valid point as to why Elsa is her favorite instead of Anna- Anna doesn’t think foot size is important!

Kristoff tries to tell Anna she can’t marry someone she just met, and tries to prove his point by asking Anna important questions about her star stuck lover-

  • Best friend’s name? Probably John.
  • Eye color? Dreamy.
  • Foot Size? Foot size doesn’t matter…   

Now in addition to proving Kristiff’s point that Anna obviously knows nothing about the man she intends to marry, she makes the even more vital mistake of thinking foot size isn’t important!  Having a proper size shoe is of the utmost importance! The wrong size shoe can cause many problems including blisters, callouses, and even ulcerations.  Improper fitting shoes can even lead to serious injuries such as fractures and sprains.  Learn how to get a proper fit, what to look for when picking out shoes, and the importance of wear patterns and your footprint.

So now the vote is up to you- are you Team Anna or Team Elsa? Hit that comment button to cast your vote!

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