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Athlete's Foot, Jock Itch, Ringworm...Oh My!

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MacerRxSummer is here, and with it comes the influx of the most dreaded infection of them all – athlete’s foot.  You may be surprised to know that the same bug that causes problems to our skin can also affect our nails.  (I would hope not because I blog on onychomycosis all the time!)  But did you know that the name of the infection changes with the body part affected?

  • Athlete’s Foot – on the feet
  • Ringworm – on the trunk or arms (flexor surfaces)
  • Jock Itch – enough said

Treating athlete’s foot is relatively easy, and we have all the topical solutions at HFAA.  Diagnosis is key and that is why I always recommend a biopsy of the affected skin to make sure it is actually a fungus versus another infection.  Just last week we had a biopsy come back as a bacterial super infection between the toes!

Treating athlete’s foot between the toes is a trickier business.  We can’t use traditional creams – they leave the area too moist which can cause more problems.  Powders aren’t strong enough to kill the infection.  So we use A GEL called MacerRx that absorbs and dries the area out, stopping the bacteria and fungus in its tracks.

Finally, it’s important to remember that just like bacterial infections (my second round of strep throat this summer can attest!) fungal infections recur often.  It’s important to keep your feet clean and dry to avoid a nasty neighbor rearing his ugly head this summer.

See my blog on healthy summer foot tips for more info.  If you have questions or if you would like to schedule a visit to our office, please call 309-661-9975.

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