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Big Toe Pain? It Might Be Arthritis!

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From star athletes to everyday Joes, people get foot pain.  One of the most common problems is pain in the big toe joint.  Sometimes there is even a ‘bump’ associated with the pain (usually on the top of the joint).  Many people think that this is a bunion deformity (which is usually described as a painful bump on the SIDE of the big toe joint).  Typically a bump on the top of the big toe joint is from improper mechanics in how we are walking – the big toe joint literally grinds on itself and causes the cartilage to wear down.

Unlike a typical bunion, many people have pain in the big toe joint BEFORE a large bump forms.  Much like arthritis in other parts of our bodies, arthritis in the big toe joint (also called hallux rigidus – hallux meaning big toe and rigidus meaning limited range of motion) is made worse by movement or activity. 

It is TIME to come into the foot doctor’s office when there is pain in your big toe joint while walking!  We have a lot of conservative (strappings, pads, custom orthoses) and surgical (cleaning out the joint, putting an implant into the joint, fusing the joint) options to help you walk pain free in no time.

Hallux rigidus is a ‘special’ bunion, and one that should be taken seriously.  Addressing this biomechanical deformity early will help minimize pain and keep you on your feet! 

For more information about arthritis in the big toe or anywhere in the foot and ankle, please contact Dr. Lockwood at Heartland and Ankle Associates at 309-661-9975 or www.heartlandfootandankle.com.

Special Bonus!  Join me and my TEAM at the Arthritis Walk on May 4th as we walk to help with arthritis research!  Lauren June and the puppies will be there as well!  Don’t let toe pain keep you from joining us!!  Dr. L

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