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College Prep

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If you drive through uptown Normal it is evident what time of year it is once again…school is back in session!  The streets surrounding Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University are bustling with college students, professors, and parents.  I don’t get to enjoy the mayhem of school shopping just yet, LJ’s only in daycare.  When the day comes that she drives away to college, I will make sure she has everything she needs for a happy, productive, and safe college year!

As a podiatrist mommy, this is my list of college prep supplies:

  1. Shoes- This is a staple that every college student must have.  Walking from class to class will take a toll on your tootsies, if they don’t have proper support.  A good pair of shoes will pass the ‘twist test’- if you try to twist the shoe, the middle (arch area) should remain firm and not twist. If the shoe contours and twists, it allows your foot to do the same thing and is not providing the necessary support needed to survive walking around campus.  
  2. Orthotics – Shoes are only as good as the insert inside of them.  Inserts will support your arch and offload pressure areas such as your heel. Custom inserts, called orthotics, are the best because they change the way you walk by realigning your body.   
  3. Power Step Inserts – Being realistic, I know college girls will wear inappropriate shoe gear that orthtoics can’t fit in.  For circumstances like that, you need Powerstep medical grade inserts.  Their patented design delivers medical grade comfort and support with layers of luxurious padding. The heel cup cradles and offloads your heel. It's all topped off an anti-microbial, anti-fungal layer to protect against infections.  One style of powersteps, dress powersteps, is specifically made to fit in flats and heels- perfect for all those college ‘social gatherings’. 
  4. Socks– I hear children aren’t very good at doing their laundry, and may wear clothing more than 1 day.  Socks cannot be reused! Not wearing socks can create painful blisters and leave feet more prone to fungal infections, but wearing old, dirty socks can also make your feet more prone to infections.  I’ll be sure to pack LJ lots of copper sole socks, which have naturally occurring anti-fungal properties in them that repel sweat to leave feet dry.
  5. Flip Flops- Usually I NEVER recommend flip flops. But, in the case of beaches and shower stalls- especially COLLEGE shower stalls- I defiantly recommend flip flops.  Do not let your college student walk barefoot in the dorm’s shower- it is a bacterial and fungal feeding ground!  Wearing flip flops will protect the feet from what’s lurking on the tile floor.   
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