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Cuticle Care

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    Those of you who get manicures and/or pedicures know about cuticle care. Many salons usually push back or even cut a client’s cuticles as one of the  steps in the service. Some salons also use an electric file to push back and remove the cuticles while filing the nails. This might look better when it’s done but it is not necessary and can even harm the nail.

    Pushing back or cutting the cuticles is really only done for aesthetic reasons. This means that people only do it because it looks good and it makes the manicure or pedicure look better. This step can be dangerous and should be avoided altogether. If you are diabetic, cutting your cuticles can lead to many serious side effects.

    Your cuticles are there for a reason. Cuticles provide a barrier and protect us from bacteria and infection. Many doctors believe that cutting cuticles can cause inflammation and even deteriorate the condition of your hands and feet. Some people will even need medical treatment for an infection. Ongoing infections can result in distorted or ridged nails.

    The best thing for your cuticles is gentle care. Just like other parts of your body can become dry, so do your cuticles. Moisturizing your cuticles and nails is just as important as moisturizing the rest of your body. Many people concentrate their efforts on their hair and face while neglecting the rest of the body. Please remember to take care of your hands and feet too. When cuticles become dry and cracked, this is when the problems begin.

    Keeping all this in mind, it is my opinion, as a licensed nail technician, that cuticles must be moisturized daily, pushed back gently and with extreme caution. If your salon is cutting your cuticles in any way you should reconsider this step. This is for your safety and well-being. If you want a second opinion on this, however, you can always talk to your physician.

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