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Diabetes and a Safe, Sanitary Pedicure

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Research has shown that regular pedicures help to increase the circulation in your feet and reduces the risk of ingrown toenails and fungus.  The benefits are even higher for diabetics, as receiving a pedicure helps to maintain proper foot health.  But for many diabetics, pedicures are the one item they are hesitant to check off their health to do list.

Diabetes decreases the ability to fight off infection and disease and can also cause nerve damage which can make it hard to sense heat or pain.  This is why many physicians warn against receiving a pedicure from your local nail salon, as they may or may not be trained how to handle the needs of a diabetic client.  One nick on the bottom of your foot with a nail file or nail clippers and you are at risk for major infection.

There is good news!  Diabetics never need to worry about the safety of a pedicure when they receive one through Healthy Steps Spa, a medical spa.  Our focus is foot health, and we take all the necessary procedures to make sure that our facility and tools are not only sanitized, but sterilized for each patient.  When you receive a pedicure from HSS, you are receiving professional care to meet your special needs.  Our nail technician has been trained and educated on diabetic foot care and will provide excellent and safe services.

As a podiatrist, I am pleased to share that if you are picky about your salon and ask the right questions you CAN get a safe, sanitary pedicure.  If you are a diabetic and would like to try a pedicure for the first time these are a few basic questions you should ask your nail technician.

  • How do you clean and sanitize your implements (tools) and do you use an autoclave as well as sanitation?
    • Sanitation is KEY to a successful and safe pedicure for a diabetic.  If they are not using a multi-layer sanitation process, find a different salon.
  • What are your overall sanitation practices?
    • This includes sanitation of the chair water basin, tools, technician’s hand (do they wear gloves), and nail products.
  • Are your implements stainless steel?
    • Stainless Steel can be sterilized whereas other materials cannot.

Tips for a successful and safe pedicure:

  • Never shave before a pedicure - it can cause small cuts or abrasions which is an open door for bacteria.
  • Also always make sure you tell your technician when you make your appointment if you have diabetes, she can’t take proper precautions if she doesn’t know.
  • If you have an open wound, cut, ulcer, infection, neuropathy or any complications due to diabetes we recommend you wait until all the symptoms have cleared before you make your appointment. Make sure you contact a podiatrist if needed!

Remember feet are our foundation, if they crack or collapse the whole building is in trouble!

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