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Eww!! It is NOT ok to walk barefoot in the gym shower room!

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Patients often present to the office with questions about public hygiene.  In general, it is best practice to always have on foot wear (even if it is a flip flop!!) when out in a public area.  Pools, gyms, and beaches are three areas where there is known to be a lot of bacteria and fungus on all surfaces.  It is important to protect your feet with the following tips:

                AT THE GYM:

·         Always wear shoes (even to and from the shower!!)

·         Wear clean socks with every workout

·         Spray shoes with an antifungal spray (Mycomist) and let them air out after a workout to prevent fungus and bacteria buildup.

                ·         Protect your feet with anti-fungal socks, sprays, and creams to minimize your risk of catching any annoying infections while you are trying to get healthy!


·         Flip flops are a MUST on pool decks – fungus AND bacteria can live on those surfaces.  Chlorine will kill most in the pool, but it is better to be safe when walking on hard surfaces.

·         A clean hand towel to dry your feet

·         Anti-fungal spray (Mycomist) for your flip flops after you are done at the pool – and don’t forget to let them air dry out!!


·         Shoes are a MUST here simply because of the debris that can wash up and cut or scratch your feet – it is okay to wear flip flops but a more structured sandal would be best because walking on sand is pretty hard without some support!

·         Make sure to wash your feet after a walk on the beach to clear off any sand or other materials that can cause irritation to your skin.

·         A clean towel to dry your feet

Following these easy tips will help alleviate the need for a trip to our office for a nasty fungal or bacterial infection and can help you enjoy your activities that much more!!

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