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Exercise and Arthritis: The Perfect Pair

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While peanut butter and jelly are thought to be the perfect pair, believe it or not, exercise and arthritis are also at the top of the list of things that go together well. Sure, the last thing you might feel like doing when you have arthritis is moving your body, but the fact is, the more you move the less you’ll hurt. Besides, it’s not like you have to run a marathon or sign up for the Tour De France -- even just moderate exercise can go a long way toward easing arthritis symptoms -- and we’re not just spreading it on thick!

Feel Better in a Jiff-y

couple cyclingThe benefits are great, and you’ll know by how you feel! Exercise helps strengthen the muscles around your joints, thus increasing their ability to provide much needed support. This reduces the stress placed upon your joints -- and your aches and pains along with it. Moving your body also improves your range of motion, your balance, and gives you a boost of energy, too. In addition, exercise is a great way to maintain a healthy weight, and that means less pressure on your bones.

Smooth Moves

Low-impact exercises are best as they are gentler on your joints. Biking, swimming, and even that yoga class you’ve been thinking about, are all great options to try. You can go for a walk or use an elliptical machine, too, or grab some free weights or a resistance band – find whatever works for you.

Classic Combo

Don’t worry – you won’t have to do it alone. We can help you develop an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle, and we’ll be here for you every step of the way. Just give us a call at our Bloomington, IL office by dialing (309) 661-9975. Move over peanut butter and jelly, exercise and arthritis are the new perfect pair (along with you and Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates, of course!).

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