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Foot Anatomy 101

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Did you know that over one quarter of your body’s bones are in your feet? In fact, there are 26 plus bones in your feet! 

The foot can be broken down into 3 different sections:

  • 1.     Rearfoot: 2 bones total
    • a.     Calcaneus: The heel bone, this is the largest bone in your foot! 
    • b.      Talus: Sits on top of the heel bone, behind the midfoot, second biggest bone in your foot. There are no muscles attached to this bone!   
  • 2.     Midfoot: 5 bones total
    • a.     3 Cuneiforms: Located behind the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd metatarsal. Square in shape.
      • i.     Medial Cuneiform (aka 1st Cuneiform): Located on the inside, behind 1st metatarsal
      • ii.     Middle Cuneiform (aka 2nd Cuneiform): Located in the middle, behind 2nd metatarsal
      •  iii.     Lateral Cuneiform (aka 3rd Cuneiform):  Located on the outside, behind the 3rd metatarsal 
    • b.    1 Navicular: Located behind the cuneiforms, on the medial (inside) aspect of the foot.
    • c.     1 Cuboid: Located adjacent to the cuneiforms, on the lateral (outside) aspect of the foot.
  • 3.    Forefoot: 19 bones total
    • a.     14 Phalange bones: The toe bones, also referred to as the ‘digits’.  Located at the distal tip (in front of) the metatarsal bones. Each metatarsal has 3 phalange bones, except for the 1st metatarsal.  If you look at the underside of your hand you’ll see this trait as well.  Each finger is divided into 3 sections except for your thumb, which only has 2 sections, just like your great toe (the big toe). 
    • b.      5 Metatarsal bones: Also referred to as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th metatarsals, the long bones in the middle of your foot.  The base of the 5th metatarsal is the easiest bone to break in your foot.

Most humans also have Sesamoid bones in the feet. These sesamoid bones are considered accessory bones. The accessory sesamoid bones are located under the first metatarsal bone.   Some people have 1 sesamoid bone, others 2, 3, or none at all; hence why sesamoids are not counted in the total number of bones in your foot.  

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