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Find Helpful Tips and Information on the Podiatry Blog

When it comes to foot pain treatment options, the industry is constantly moving forward. Learn more about the latest innovations in podiatric care on this blog from our very own Illinois podiatrist, Dr. Melissa J. Lockwood.

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  • Summer Eating for Optimal Foot Health One of the great things about summer is being able to enjoy natural food that is both nutritious and delicious. When you are shopping for fresh fruits and veggies, you should think about heading to the farmers market in Bloomington. Doing so will help you find the foods that are actually good for your body and can contribute to optimal foot health.
  • Running and Ankle Injuries Dr. Melissa Lockwood discusses some of the running ankle injuries she and her team at Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates see in and treat for patients. Understanding ankle anatomy and common injuries will help you to take measures to reduce your injury risk, while also enabling you to know when it’s time to contact Dr. Lockwood’s office for professional care.
  • Mother’s Day and Foot Health If the world was truly just, Mother’s Day would actually be every day! Something every woman—mother or not—should do on a daily basis is perform some basic foot care to make sure she doesn’t end up with any of the common problems affecting women’s feet. Find out about women’s foot care from the podiatric experts at Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates.
  • Couch-to-5K in 9 Short Weeks If running a 5K race seems like a huge endeavor, one you couldn’t possibly do, Dr. Lockwood has a program that could change your mind. Find out how to go from “couch-to-5K” in just 9 short weeks. The Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates team hopes you are able to stay safe while doing so, but remember they are here to help if you do sprain an ankle or suffer any other foot or ankle injury.
  • Feeling Good About How You Look You might not realize how awesome you are, but the team at HFAA certainly does! Dr. Lockwood discusses body positivity and even shares how foot health can play a role in having a positive self-image.
  • Exercise and Healthy Foot Care Exercise is obviously important for your body, including your lower limbs. Dr. Lockwood discusses how it is a part of healthy foot care.
  • Advantages of Orthotics for Children Just like with adults, orthotics are often an effective solution for poor biomechanics and foot pain in children, and can help them stay active.
  • Custom Orthotics: Treat Your Feet Want to treat your feet right? (You should – they do so much for you!) A custom pair of orthotics from Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates could do the trick.
  • Halloween Cookies and Orthotics A “cookie-cutter” approach is fine for making cookies, but not for treating feet. That’s why Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates prescribes custom orthotics.
  • Orthotics and Overpronation Orthotics are versatile medical devices prescribed by Dr. Melissa Lockwood for a range of reasons – including correcting overpronation.
  • Footwear: Important for Foot Care Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates emphasizes the importance of proper footwear to support and protect feet.
  • Custom Orthotics: Foot Pain’s Best Friend Custom orthotics can help with many types of foot pain, easing symptoms for a more comfortable life. Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates explains.
  • If the Shoe Fits Wear It, Otherwise Don’t Heartland Foot & Ankle Associates explains why it’s essential that shoes fit properly and offers tips on what to look for when shopping for shoes.
  • The Benefits of Vionic Slippers Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates describes the benefits of Vionic slippers and why it’s so important to protect feet at home.
  • Keep Feet Safe with Vionic Slippers Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates emphasizes the importance of proper footwear to support and protect feet. Visit our website to learn about proper foot care.
  • There's Still a Winter Injury Warning in Effect Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates describes the signs of winter injuries to your feet. Knowing what to look for can prevent problems.
  • Good for You Foods When You Have Gout Painful gout flare-ups can be controlled by eating certain foods and avoiding others. Dr. Melissa Lockwood explains what a good diet for gout includes.
  • Listen Up Guys (To Your Body) It’s important to listen to your body so that you recognize a small problem before it becomes a big one! Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates explains.
  • Tough as a Football Player? Don’t Ignore Pain Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates discusses the dangers of men ignoring health issues.
  • DIY Fixes for Heel Fissures Dry, cracked heels can be quite painful and can open the door for infection. Dr. Melissa Lockwood offers care tips for these fissures at home.