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Is Your Arch Too High, Too Low, Or Just Right?

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Goldilocks is known for trying things out before finding the one that’s “just right,” but while that’s easy to do with chairs, beds, and porridge, your foot arch is a whole different story! You are born with a certain foot structure and foot arch type, and while your arch may very well be just right, it can also be too high or too low. When this is the case, it can cause heel and arch pain and interfere with your daily activities – you know, like a walk in the woods. Knowing your arch type helps you to prevent problems before they sneak up and surprise you!

Fill a basin with water, place your bare foot in, then step on a piece of paper. Now check out the footprint you’ve left behind.

The arch of your foot.

Just right -- If you have a normal arch, about half of the arch area will be filled in, on the outer part of the foot.

Too Low -- If you have low arches, or no arch in your foot at all, your entire footprint will be filled.

Too High – the footprint will show little or no contact with the mid-section of your foot.

Okay, now you know your foot arch type, so what’s next?

If it’s just right, there’s no need to do anything more. If you have low arches, your foot likely rolls too far inward when you step which can throw things out of alignment and cause pain. Those with flat feet are also prone to suffer from plantar fasciitis.

The uneven weight distribution of high arches inhibits shock absorbency and puts an excessive amount of pressure on the balls of your feet and the heels, making you vulnerable to conditions like metatarsalgia, heel pain, neuromas, and more.

Before any of these conditions kick in, whether you have flat feet or high arches, come in for custom orthotics! These devices are specifically designed to address your unique foot and its structural abnormalities. They will provide the exact arch support you need, evenly distribute weight, correct alignment, and basically make your high and low arches feel just right!

Schedule an appointment at our Bloomington IL office today by dialing (309) 661-9975. We’ll help you live happily ever after!

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