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Nail Fungus Treatment Options

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I have previously discussed how to prevent fungus, but what should you do if it still happens to you? At Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, there are four treatment options we use to fight fungal nails.

Topical Treatment

Typically, when a patient presents with nail fungus, it is important to get something on the nail right away. We recommend Kera Nail Gel to thin the nail and Clarus Antifungal Solution to actually kill the fungus. In additional to applying Clarus and the Kera Gel everyday, we recommend an antifungal spray (Clean Sweep) for your shoes and copper soled socks to keep your feet dry.

You must apply the topical treatment to the fungal nails everyday for a full year. For this reason, topical treatments alone are only about 50% effective. Most patients will forget to apply the medication everyday, which can hinder proper healing.
Oral Medication

Another option to treat fungal nails is oral medication. Typically, Dr. Lockwood will prescribe patients Lamisil to battle their fungus. The problem we encounter with the oral medication is that many patients seem to experience side effects. The medication needs to be taken once a day for 3 months straight. Oral medication has an 80% efficiency rate to kill fungus.
Remove the Nail

One of the most drastic measures a patient can take is actually removing their fungal nail. Sometimes patients don’t want to apply topical medication for a year or deal with the side effects; therefore they opt to remove the nail entirely.

Removing the entire nail does create and open wound. We recommend every patient that undergoes this procedure take home a post op kit to care for the wound. There is no guarantee the fungus won’t grow back, hence some people ask for us to stop the nail growth all together by applying a chemical where the nail used to be.
Laser Therapy

The latest and fastest way to manage toenail fungus is our brand new, state of the art laser system. The laser uses red and near infrared light waves to support a variety of therapeutic remedies for your feet. The laser can be used for pain management, warts, and of course, fungal nails.

Our laser will deeply penetrate the nail to burn away fungus more effectively than any other modality previously mentioned. Using the laser alone is 90-95% effective against nail fungus. If you combine the laser treatment with our topical recommendation, the efficiency rate is even higher.

Our laser treatment is painless and does not have any side effects. This treatment only takes 3 treatments in the span of 3 months. At our office, having laser treatment for 1 to 5 nails costs $495, 6 to 10 nails is $795.

If you have any further questions about how to properly treat nail fungus, call 309-661-9975 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lockwood today.

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