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Orthotic Vending Machine

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It seems like our local super store is a one stop shop for just about everything you need- home goods, groceries, prescriptions, and more! Now more and more super stores have an “orthotic” measuring device in their pharmacy- emphasis on the quotation marks around orthotic because these over the counter inserts are by no means a custom fitted functional orthotic.  Anyways, I was shopping and over heard this man complaining to his wife about how his feet are killing him after a long day at work and how happy he was to find this machine because he would be pain free! I couldn’t just stand there and watch him stand on this machine that is going to tell him he needs $80.00 gel inserts that would make his foot pain go away, just like it told the other 70 people who stepped on it that day. So I did what any other medical professional would do- I went and talked to him!

I started off by apologizing for over hearing the conversation, and continued with who I was and where I worked. We talked for a bit about what he did for a living and what problems he was having. I found out he was a construction worker who’s on his feet for 10-12 hours a day! He explained that he was having really bad pain located at the bottom of his heels.  I had to break the news to him that those “custom orthotics” from the vending machine weren’t so custom after all.

These inserts would provide some cushion, but unfortunately no support, which was what he needed. I explained to him that medical grade inserts support the foot and arch.  He was happy to know he could stop by the office any time to pick up medical grade inserts for literally half the price of over the counter inserts. The next step up is custom orthotics. I explained these custom molded orthotics actually change the relationship between the front and back of your foot, correcting your alignment and gait.  I gave him a HFAA business card and we parted ways. Little to my surprise he made an appointment for that Friday to see Dr. Lockwood and be casted for custom orthotics- real orthotics, not out of a vending machine.

If you have foot pain DITCH the super store vending machine (and/or foot aisle) and come to Heartland Foot and Ankle for personalized one on one service that will really help!


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