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Orthotics Are Not Chew Toys

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Many patients ask me if I have kids and I respond, “No-I have dogs.”  My two pups are like children to me; they sleep with me, eat with our family, and go on vacations with us.  I even leave the lights and TV on for them when I’m not at home.  And they are usually precious little angels…except for the other day.

I had returned home from running errands to find my Brooks tennis shoes drug out in the middle of my living room floor.  Surprisingly my shoes had no harm done, but somehow Ginger, my puggle (pug beagle mix), managed to chew up my custom orthotics that were inside my shoes!

As other orthotic wearers can attest to, my orthotics are life savers for my feet.  Without them I experience plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as heel pain. Orthotics are a substantial financial investment, which can last for years, if my dogs don’t chew them up.  So when I walked in to see my custom inserts made into chew toys, I was initially horrified.

After a brief moment of shock, I remembered I (just like all other HFAA patients) have a 1 year warranty on my orthotics.  So I was able to send my orthotics into the lab and have them recovered and back to me in no time!  This 1 year warranty is a huge benefit to patients because it includes adding, removing, and moving padding to achieve the best custom fit possible.  Padding can offload areas of high pressure and make for a more comfortable wear.  The warranty also includes recovering the entire orthotic in a new top cover. 

So this is all fine and dandy if your orthotics are within the 1 year warranty, but what happens if you need an adjustment or recover after the warranty is up.  Good news- it’s only $50 to recover ANY orthotic, including modifying padding.  This includes orthotics that aren’t even from our practice.

So even though I had a mild heart attack at the sight of my custom orthotics all chewed up, I was at ease knowing I was protected by the HFAA warranty. Anyways, with those little cute puggle eyes, I could never stay mad at my Ginger! 

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