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Preventing Pediatric Ingrown Toenails

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April showers bring May flowers -- including those dandelions in your yard! Weeds can certainly sprout up fast – almost as fast as kids! In fact, growth spurts in children can seemingly happen overnight, which is why it’s so important to keep a close watch on shoes that get too tight. Kids can get ingrown toenails if their footwear squishes their toes together or forces toes against the front of the shoes. We know it seems like you just bought that new pair, but it’s essential to stay on top of your child’s growing feet and replace shoes as frequently as needed to avoid painful problems.Need help preventing ingrown toenails in kids?

Another way you can prevent ingrown toenails in children is to make sure toenails are trimmed correctly. Teach kids to always cut straight across – not curved -- and keep nails even with the tips of toes, no shorter and no longer. An emery board can be used to smooth rough edges.

If your child is active and plays sports, injury and repetitive stress to toes can occur and lead to problems as well. Sometimes kids can get ingrown toenails because of trauma or overuse – like dropping a bowling ball on their foot or kicking a soccer ball over and over. While these incidents can’t necessarily be prevented, you can take steps to protect your child’s feet by making sure appropriate shoes are being worn and breaking up activities with less stressful ones, like swimming or biking.

If you do notice your child’s toe is reddened and inflamed because of an ingrown nail, you can try soaking feet in warm water then gently lifting the corner of the nail up. If this proves difficult or the problem continues to happen, schedule an appointment with us so we can assess your child’s nail and treat it accordingly. We may prescribe antibiotics to avoid infection, or in chronic cases, discuss surgical removal with you to end your child’s pain.

Call us if you have questions. You can reach our Bloomington, IL office at (309) 661-9975.

Kids grow like weeds – stay pro-active to help toenails grow out (not in) while kids grow up!

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