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Pokémon Trainer Tips from Heartland Foot and Ankle

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Although traditional video games involve sitting on a couch for hours at a time, PokémonGo actually encourages gamers and casual players to get off the couch and walk! Players need to be walking or even running to rack up points and catch various Pokémon, find different Pokémon gyms to battle and get special items from PokéStops, which can be miles apart.  Distance is an important factor for hatching Pokémon eggs in the game, too, which leads to rare and hard to find Pokémon!  With all the increased walking, new foot issues can arise, such as plantar fasciitis.  It’s great for people to be active, be outdoors, and be interacting with their surroundings. However, it can also be this summer’s greatest injury-inducing activity. As players try to “catch them all,” remember to monitor your activity levels and to seek help when your feet and ankles aren’t supporting your game time! As you explore the virtual world of PokémonGo, consider these following tips:  

Know your surroundings: in other words, play these games in areas that you are very familiar with whether it be a local park or particular street you have been on before knowing certain hazards that may exist such as holes or curbs that may create an injury for you. Look up and away from your phone every few seconds: don't just stare at your screen, look around particularly at the ground and/or hazards that may not be in your direct vision. 

Wear sensible shoes: obviously going barefoot or wearing the flip flop in unfamiliar surroundings can increase your chance for injuring your foot or creating a sprained situation that can put you down for a few weeks.  
If you were to set out walking 10km for exercise you would definitely put on a pair of running shoes to protect and support your feet. Well the same goes if you are going to hit the streets in search of Pokémon. Make sure you have a good pair of supportive shoes on. This means preferably wearing running shoes that have been professionally fitted for you and your body!

 If you are going to be out walking long distances in search of the most famous Pokémon, Pikachu, it’s also important you plan in advance to prevent blisters! Blisters occur due to excessive shear forces being applied to the skin. The best way to protect yourself from blisters is with a good pair of moisture wicking socks that draw perspiration away from your skin and proper fitting shoes.   Try Copper Sole socks we offer in our office!

If you find you have sore feet after a long day of catching Pokémon and the pain is hurting your game, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lockwood. It’s often easier for the team at HFAA to treat a new recent injury to get you up and Pokémon hunting in no time!  Call 309-661-9975 or click here to schedule an appointment today!

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