By Sam Fowler PMAC & Dr. Melissa Lockwood
September 16, 2011
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Outwit, outplay, outlast.  Families across the world instantly recognize these legendary words as the ‘slogan’ for the reality television game show Survivor.  Survivor has been a hit for over a decade with a whopping 23 seasons aired in the U.S.

As a foot care professional, I have 1 major tip for surviving Survivor - or being stranded on any desert island for that fact- wear comfortable, breathable shoes!  Regardless of whether you’re collecting fire wood, climbing a rock wall, or dragging puzzle pieces through a mud pit your body works from the feet up.  Your feet have to support and stabilize every other part of your body.  When your feet hurt, everything hurt!      

Many survivors have worn tennis shoes to compete in.  These are okay but most tennis shoes take a long time to dry out after getting wet (and doesn’t Jeff Probst ALWAYS make you jump out of a boat or something?).  For this reason Keen or Tevas sandals are a good choice.  They provide support, protection, and stability, while still allowing you to transition from water to land.  I would recommend getting Keens or Tevas with a back strap to give you even more support. 

Now that you know what shoes you can survive in, let’s talk socks!  You will need a well-cushioned sock for proper reinforcement.  Copper socks are a great choice because they wick away sweat.  They also prevent bacteria, fungi, odor, as well as improve skin texture and appearance.  Just think of the fungus and bacteria in our homes, let alone in the wild- your feet need to be protected!

Remember, a trip to Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates can help you be the sole survivor.