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Prevention and Pedicures

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Yesterday I indulged in a pedicure at Healing Steps Spa.  As our pedicurist was performing a great foot massage and scrub, she noticed a small bump on the outside of my left foot.  We called Diana, our head medical assistant, into the room, and they both looked at it strangely.  Diana took a picture of it - a small, solitary (single) bump that seemed to be filled with fluid.  

It was strange – typically athlete’s foot (which I have had before!) comes in bumps with clusters (lots of bumps) and itches.  It seemed small for a cyst or ganglion and didn’t have pus or other infectious drainage or redness around it.

Clinically my educated hypothesis would be a strange presentation of tinea pedis (athlete’s foot).  I don’t have a history of lichen planus or psoriasis (two other possible culprits).  But the best way for us to find out is to biopsy it – so we did!   I will report back on the results in a few days.  But needless to say, biopsies are important as a way to definitively diagnose and treat skin conditions.  It’s probably something that I can simply apply my Clarus anti-fungal crème  to for a few days to clear up – but what if it isn’t?  Only the biopsy will know for sure!

Please be sure to check your skin and have all those little bumps biopsied – I will also be sending out a biopsy of a little mole that Diana saw yesterday too – those extra eyes can be a lifesaver!  More to come and please stop in for a complete skin consultation at our office!

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