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Running tips: When to Retire Shoes and More

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Take care of running shoes If you’re looking for a new gift idea for Father’s Day instead of another tie, what about a new pair of running shoes? After all, if your dad runs a lot, it very well may be time for his shoes to retire – how can you tell? Well, check out the tips below. In fact, maybe this list of running tips would be the perfect gift for Dad, too!

Tip #1: When to replace running shoes: Typically, after 300 to 500 miles, running shoes have exhausted their cushioning, lost their shock absorbency, and worn their soles – it’s time for them to retire! Of course, this is just a guideline – everyone is different. The best way to tell when you’re ready for a new pair is by feel. Have they lost support, has the tread worn down, do they feel uncomfortable – get a new pair! Don’t wait or you’ll be risking injury.

Tip #2: Keys to staying injury-free: Listen to your body – it’s okay to rest, in fact it’s good for you! Cross-training is a great way to avoid repetitive stress that can lead to injury, too! Work in some low impact options to balance things out a bit, like yoga or swimming. Another preventative measure is to have your gait analyzed to see if you could benefit from orthotics that correct poor biomechanics – a big contributor to chronic problems!

Tip #3: How to stay motivated: If you stick to the same routine all the time, getting your miles in may eventually seem like a chore. Keep things interesting by changing up your routine. Run a different route, ask a friend to join you, or throw in a few sprints. Making a fun goal to work toward can help keep you going, too.

Tip #4: Sleep. Eat. Run: You will feel better when you run, and overall, if you get plenty of sleep and eat a well-balanced, nutritious, and healthy diet. You should drink plenty of water as well.

Tip #5: Slow and steady wins the race: Never increase the intensity or duration of your workouts too quickly. You should always build upon your routine gradually, and that includes running on different terrains. Don’t suddenly run a lot of hills if you’ve been covering nothing but flat surfaces – ease hill work into your fitness program to avoid injury.

P.S.: Don’t skip the stretching and warming up prior to your run, either!

Hope these running tips help you (and your dad) stay on course and avoid getting hurt. If you have any questions, want more information, or need to make an appointment, just call (309) 661-9975 to reach our Bloomington, IL office.

Have a great run!

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