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Scuttle the Seagull Hears Heartbeat in Prince Eric’s Foot?!

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For those of you who don’t know, my office manager Sam is a HUGE fan of Dr. Seuss and Walt Disney.  Her office is adorned with inspirational Seuss and Disney quotes and I even had the pleasure of witnessing her wedding vows which including a Seuss poem. The other day Sam was telling me how she was able to relate podiatry to Disney’s The Little Mermaid.  I was interested in hearing this…

I haven’t watched this Disney classic since I was a child, and Lauren is into Elmo right now, not princesses.  Sam explained to me that Scuttle the seagull tried to hear a heartbeat in Prince Eric’s foot.  I remembered none of this, let alone that there was a seagull in the movie.  According to my Disney guru, Princess Ariel rescues Eric from his sinking ship after it was struck by lightning and crashed into rocks.  Once on shore, Ariel’s trusty friend Scuttle puts his seagull ear next to Eric’s foot, searching for a heartbeat.  Long story short everyone lives happy ever after!  But, was Scuttle on to something when looking for a heartbeat in Eric’s foot?


Obviously you will not find a HEARTbeat in a foot.  But, believe it or not, you actually have not one, but 2 pulses in your feet: DP (dorsalis pedis) and PT (posterior tibial).   The DP pulse can be felt towards the middle dorsum (top) of your foot.  Although there are 2-3% of people whose DP pulse is absent.  On the other hand (or foot!), the PT pulse can be felt on the medial (inside) aspect of your ankle.

So while Scuttle was doomed to never find a heartbeat in Prince Eric’s foot, if he knew where to look, he could have found two pulses!

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