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Should You Treat Your Child’s Flat Feet?

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children's flat feet

Right about now, kids are getting ants in their pants to be done with school and get on with summer! The question is, are you ready? Sleepovers, pool parties, sticky popsicles, muddy feet,and water fights– there’s a lot you need to prepare yourself for, but should treating kids with flat feet be one of your concerns?

If you’re worried your child’s flat feet will get in the way of his or her summertime fun, here are some tips to know when you might need to treat your child’s flat feet, and when you might not:

To Treat…

It never fails – sometimes as early as day 2 of summer vacation -- kids start whining that they’re bored. If what they’re complaining about is foot pain, though, that’s something you can’t just shrug off. Many times, flat feet in children pose no problems at all. Kids can run and jump and play just like any other child. However, if your son or daughter is sitting out of normal activities, walking with a limp, having difficulty wearing shoes, or complaining about pain, cramping, or tenderness in the feet, something is up!

The good news is that conservative measures are usually all it takes to treat your child’s flat feet and relieve symptoms. A switch to more supportive and cushioned footwear, as well as custom orthotics to provide the additional help flat arches need, can both do wonders in returning children to their busy agendas, like playing tag, riding bikes, skateboarding, or whatever other important stuff is planned for the day! Medication, icing the area, and taking a break from activity can all be beneficial as well. There are also physical therapy exercises and stretches that can help with flexibility and strength. In rare cases, surgical intervention can be considered if all else fails.

…Or Not to Treat

If the only complaints your child is making pertain to being too hot, soooo hungry, or Johnny’s hogging all the crayons, then your child’s flat feet aren’t causing any pain or problems (unlike Johnny!), and therefore, do not need to be treated. Keep a close eye on the situation, though, to ensure problems don’t arise, and give us a call if you have questions or need any help. Just dial (309) 661-9975 to reach our Bloomington, IL office.

Ready or not, here they come! Enjoy your kids this summer!

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