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Soccer Stars and Super Athletes

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Soccer injuries are commonWith our students heading back to school, I wanted to highlight a popular sport here in Central Illinois – Soccer!  Many times even our youngest athletes can be susceptible to injury while playing soccer and other high impact sports – especially in their feet!  Below are some common foot injuries and some tips that can help those injuries be easily avoided by our soccer superstars!

Ankle Sprain/Strain – any type of running sport leaves us vulnerable for an ankle sprain.  With soccer, it’s important that an athlete’s cleats are measured frequently for size (see more below!) and are laced properly and tightly to give further support to those growing ankle ligaments!  Sometimes even a soft brace can be worn with the cleats for further support.  If an injury does occur, immediately perform RICE therapy (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) and see a medical professional right away.

Turf Toe/Hematoma – Anytime the cleat meets a soccer ball, you can risk an injury to your toes and toenails.  Most of the time, this manifests as either turf toe – a hyperextension of the toe from the blunt trauma to it, or a hematoma – a collection of blood and fluid under the toenail.  Both of these problems require icing and attention from a podiatrist to prevent further issues.

Fractures – Broken bones are a part of sports.  But do they have to?  If cleats are well fitted and athletes are diligent about proper techniques, this common problem with soccer injuries can be avoided.  Swelling, pain on the top of the foot, bruising, and an inability to bear weight on the foot are all common symptoms of a break.  This does require quick attention to immobilize the area and possible procedures to prevent further injuries may be needed.

With care and consideration, soccer players can easily have a great season!  Just be sure to get fitted for new cleats either every school year OR every six months, depending on how frequently your student is playing their favorite sport!  Hope to see them in the World Cup!

If you or your child has an injury due to soccer or another fall sport, please feel free to contact Dr. Lockwood at 309-661-9975 or [email protected]

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