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Sock Hop - Part 1

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Just look around and you’ll notice that leggings and skinny jeans are all the rage in this chilly winter weather.  And of course boots or flats are the preferred footwear to complete this fashionable look.  However, boots and flats are not conducive to a very important clothing necessity – socks!  Many women pass on socks, especially when wearing flats, because they have the misconception that socks will ruin their stylish outfit. Women also have the even bigger misconception that socks aren’t important.  I’m here to bust that myth!

Socks are very important because they help to keep your feet clean and dry.  Our feet contain more sweat glands than any other part of the body- nearly 3,000 glands per square foot.  One foot can produce more than a pint of sweat in a single day! In the summer, sandals and open toed shoes allow the sweat to escape off the skin.  But when our feet are covered in shoes, the sweat can’t escape and it collects on the skin of the feet.  All this sweat often leads to the growth of fungus, causing thick, discolored nails, or athlete’s foot, which causes red, inflamed, itchy skin.  Both conditions can not only be difficult to get rid of, but they’ll ruin any stylish look.  



Socks help to wick away the sweat our feet produce, decreasing the risk for fungal problems.  Socks that are not made of cotton are best at wicking away sweat and also provide greater cushion for superior comfort.  I recommend Aetrex Copper Sole Socks, which have copper ions embedded in the yarn to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and fungi in the sock. They are guaranteed to protect against odor for the life of the sock which has been clinically proven in an FDA Certified Laboratory.  Copper ions are a natural element that plays a vital role in collagen formation, a connective tissue in the skin. Surprisingly, the copper can rejuvenate the skin and improve its texture and appearance.

Now that you know WHY socks are a must with any outfit, stay tuned for ‘Sock Hop Part 2’ to learn some quick and easy helpful hints.

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