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By Melissa J. Lockwood, DPM
April 16, 2014
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I have friends, family, and patients ask me all the time about their feet – it’s an occupational hazard!  One of the most common problems that people ask me about is what to do if they suffer from an ankle sprain.  Our website is updated with great information on how to treat ankle sprains, but the bigger question is WHEN and WHY should you see a doctor when you roll your ankle?

The answer is simple – ankle sprains involve as series of ligaments on the outside part of your foot and ankle.  These ligaments attach to the bones of your ankle and foot and get torn when you invert the ankle.  The biggest reason why you should see a doctor right away is sometimes those bones are also broken when you have a sprain.  Just because you can bear weight (or walk) on it, doesn’t mean it’s not a serious injury!

Getting x-rays and possibly immobilizing the affected foot will dramatically decrease healing and recovery time of these all too common injuries.  For every day we don’t practice PRICE therapy, we add almost 1 week to healing time.

This is critically important for even the most casual of athletes (which we all are!) because if we don’t evaluate and treat these injuries right away, we can end up with lateral ankle instability or an unhealed fracture.

Don’t just “walk it off”!  Call 309-661-9975 for same day or a Saturday appointment to avoid prompt care lines and immediate service!

By Cindy Hull
July 04, 2013
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One of the tabloids favorite celebrities is Kim Kardashian. Kardashian just recently had her first child with rapper Kanye West. Their daughter, named North West and the family are all doing well, happy and healthy after the delivery.

Although all is well, Kim’s pregnancy was the topic of every gossip magazine, like Perez Hilton, for 9 months straight! Kim fascinated the world because she didn’t act like the typical pregnant woman. Kardashian played by her own rules during the pregnancy by wearing tight clothes instead of maternity wear and high heels instead of comfortable shoes.

At Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, Dr. Lockwood educates all her patients about the importance of supportive footwear, especially for pregnant women. As the baby grows, there is more pressure being put on the mother’s feet. It is difficult for most women, like Kardashian, to give up their trendy shoes for nine months.

As a recent mother herself, Dr. Lockwood understands the need for cute shoes, even during pregnancy. Our Dr. Comfort shoe line actually offers podiatry approved heels and sandals. The both provide the comfort and support needed to maintain optimal foot health.

The Dr. Comfort line provides a variety of colors and styles to choose from. You can mix and match your favorites, so there is no need to give up cute shoes while pregnant. If you would like to discuss ordering some sandals or trendy heels, visit our website or call Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates at 309-661-9975.

All right Kim Kardashian, next time you have a baby, call Dr. Lockwood for some cute, podiatry approved footwear. Be kind to your feet since you will be chasing after a little toddler in no time at all!

By Dr. Melissa Lockwood, DPM
May 30, 2013
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When I had Lauren June in 2012 I certainly felt the pain of swollen feet during my pregnancy.  I was lucky that she was born in February and most of the swelling occurred during the winter months.  But what about those ladies who are just about due and having to deal with swelling in the summer months?  Lucky for them, there ARE options and not all of them include shoving our poor feet into tight high heels for lunch with Kayne West!

People look at celebrity fashion choices all the time, and poor Kim Kardashian is no exception.  Her maternity “style” has been chronicled for the past few months in great detail.  Now, however, everyone is noticing the reality star’s FEET and the shoes she is wearing for everyday events.  Perez Hilton recently documented two separate instances where Kim seems to spill out of her shoes due to normal pregnancy swelling. You can read them here and here.  Even “Suri Cruise” got into the action, commenting on Kim’s Givenchy heels that she wore last week.

The GOOD news for Kim is that she CAN have it all – comfort and fashion!  There are a lot of sandals and shoes out there specifically designed to help accommodate swelling – including our very own Sandalista line from Aetrex and our NEW comfort heels from Dr. Comfort!  Adjustable straps and breathable fabrics (NOT plastic Kim!!) are the key!  If you are having swelling in your feet and legs, pregnancy or otherwise, contact Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates right away so we can give your feet a treat in some great fashion choices and colors!   We are here to help!

By Dr. Melissa Lockwood, DPM
May 08, 2013
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I have a lot of patients who are athletes.  I love treating athletes because they are so in tune with their bodies and they are very open to keeping themselves as healthy as possible.  After watching the NCAA tournament and seeing Louisville player Kevin Ware have that horrible fracture, I investigated his injury further.  There is a LOT of speculation that he may have had a pre-existing stress fracture in his leg that contributed to his compound fracture during the Final Four. 

This week I have had the unfortunate situation where 3 athletes presented with various stress fractures in their feet.  All three are training competitively and all are working hard to heal as quickly as possible to get back in the game.  I wanted to share with you some signs and symptoms of a stress fracture and how we treat them to hopefully avoid Kevin’s unfortunate injury.

Signs and Symptoms:

1.     Pain with exercise or pain when you try to increase your duration/intensity/distance.

2.     Pain will usually go away with rest.

3.     Swelling will occur if you continue to exercise on the injured extremity.

4.     In the feet, they usually occur in the metatarsal bones (right behind the toes).

Stress fractures happen to 1) bone that is weak or 2) bone that is excessively overused. 

How do we treat stress fractures:

1.     REST.  An athlete’s worst nightmare, but resting that extremity will help in letting the bone heal and become stronger so you can get back into your activity faster. 

2.     ICE.  Icing the area at least 2-3 times/day will decrease inflammation and swelling.

3.     COMPRESSION.  We like walking boots.  They keep your foot safe and out of inappropriate shoes and remind you (and everyone else!) that you are nursing an injury.  These types of breaks heal and feel better quickly, so protecting and compressing the injured extremity will keep you from reinjuring it!

4.     EVERYTHING ELSE.  We sometimes order an MRI to determine the soft tissue damage and how affected the bone shaft is.  I will also recommend that activities (running, basketball, etc) stop for at least 2-6 weeks (depending on how well you respond to 1-3 above!!) and go back into the activity very gradually.

With patience and the appropriate game plan, you can get back at it much more quickly!  If you are concerned about pain while you are running or playing a sport (or your child is complaining of that as well), please call our office at 309-661-9975 for a consultation!  We want to keep you in the game!!  You can also visit our website at for more information on our practice and how to protect those feet while exercising!  

By Dr. Melissa Lockwood
July 27, 2011
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Notice that your feet swell so much in the summer??  There are a few quick tips to help us all put our best (and skinniest!) feet forward during this HOT weather:

  1. Water, water, water.  Aim for a GALLON of water per day to help stay hydrated.   If we don’t drink enough fluids, our body retains the water and it usually settles in the area the furthest away from the heart – our feet and ankles!
  2. Elevation baby!  No you don’t have to climb Mt. Everest, but even a little elevation of your feet and ankles (think step stool at work) can promote the circulation back to your heart to keep it pumping!)
  3. Loose fitting shoes and socks – will allow you to swell but won’t constrict.  “Diabetic” socks, or non-binding ones, are great in the summer heat! 

Sometimes I recommend compression stockings for longstanding edema (swelling), but usually the above tips will keep your feet cool, dry and happy during those dog days of July!

For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding swelling, please contact a foot care professional by calling (309) 661-9975 or clicking here