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Thanksgiving and Your Feet

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As a foot care specialist, I tend to relate almost all things to podiatry- ask my husband, he can vouch as to how I somehow bring ‘feet’ into our everyday conversations.  Thanksgiving is no exception to my ‘obsession’.  Those who do not deal with feet all day every day may not realize what Thanksgiving has to do with your feet.  No worries, I have done this for you!

Busiest Travel Season- Even movies have illustrated how Thanksgiving is one of the, if the THE busiest travel times of the year.  If you suffer from heel pain, remember this tip when traveling: take frequent breaks to walk and stretch your toes up to your nose.  This prevents the plantar fascia from tightening up, which causes pain.  Night splints also work to stretch out the plantar fascia, even while traveling.  You can also bring your foot roller in the car, or on the plane or train to massage away that foot pain!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- On November 27, 1924, the first Macy’s Christmas Parade (now called the Thanksgiving Day Parade) stepped off from Convent Avenue and 145th Street in New York City.  Besides hosting the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York is also one of the 8 states that homes one of the 9 podiatry colleges in the U.S.- the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

Black Friday- I can’t talk about Thanksgiving without mentioning one of my favorite holidays: Black Friday! Black Friday, possibly the largest shopping day of the year, hosts multiple injuries, especially to the feet.  Just last year HFAA had 1 emergency come in after a Black Friday shopping accident, and multiple foot pain complaints on Saturday after everyone’s shopping extravaganza the day before.  My Black Friday crew mans up by wearing Aetrex copper sole socks to keep our feet warm, and PowerStep inserts or custom orthotics to outlast, out run, and out shop our competitor shoppers.

Football- Football is an all American sport, and families across the country watch this sport while enjoying a feast on Thanksgiving Day.  If you just glance at our blog you will see that football is FILLED with foot and ankle injuries!

Turkey- The ‘icon’ of Thanksgiving is the turkey.  Children learn how to draw a turkey from the outline of their hand.  Well did you know that a turkey only has 4 ‘toes’ while we humans usually have 5?  If a person has extra digits that condition is called ‘polydactyly’.  Each toe bone, or digit, has 3 separate bones, the phalanges.  The one exception is the hallux, or big toe, which only has 2 phalanges. 

Give thanks to no foot pain!- Anyone who has been a patient in this office knows how painful foot aches can be!  When your foot hurts, everything hurts.  So this Thanksgiving make sure you give thanks to no foot pain!

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