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Tough as a Football Player? Don’t Ignore Pain

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Football Player

Gentlemen, we’ve all been there. We’ve all woken up after a long weekend of yardwork, or after being a weekend warrior for your Sunday softball league team, and find ourselves with more than a few small aches and pains. Whether it’s a sore back or a tight muscle or a stabbing pain on the bottom of your heel, we as men have quite the tendency to just “walk it off” or “let it blow over.” For some reason, it has typically been engrained in men’s personas to “be tough” and “never show weakness,” even at the sacrifice of our health. Dude, what actually makes you weaker, a torn tendon or being treated by a healthcare professional?

Since we are in the prime of football season, we need to look no further than the NFL for the best example of how reckless men can be in regards to their health, both current and future. It seems like every month, researchers are finding more and more evidence to correlate repetitive head trauma (regardless of the sport or activity) with poor long-term outcomes in mental health and, frankly, survival. Some professional athletes have taken this new research so seriously that they found a way to get over their desire to play and walk away from the game for good, putting their future health high up on their priority list. Of course, this new research has also led to new regulations for concussion identification and treatment and limiting the amount of full contact, trickling down from professional to peewee levels.

To me, what this really shines a light on is the importance of prioritizing your health, despite what you may have to give up. As we continue into the new year, I urge you to drop any barriers you may have and start taking care of yourself, for both the now and the later.

If you have aches and pains in your feet or ankles, don’t ignore them! Make an appointment so we can assess, diagnose, and treat your sports injury, foot condition, or problem to avoid long-term effects. Call (309) 661-9975 to reach our Bloomington, IL office today. Don’t wait until things get worse!

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