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Valuable Lesson from my Boss: Trim Toenails Straight Across!

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A little over a year ago I became a new mom. When you’re a new parent, everyone always wants to tell you about their parenting techniques, horror stories, and tricks of the trade.  One concern I would continuously hear from these stories is how no one ever liked trimming the newborns fingers or toenails. I was told “Be sure you do it while their sleeping or else you’ll never get it done.” As well as “I was SO nervous to trim their nails I had to have someone else do it!” I had never realized what a fuss toenail trimming could cause.

Sure enough my time came when I had to trim my son’s nails. I was a little anxious at first just due to all the negative comments I had received over the past few months.  But I did indeed trim all of Mason’s nails without any major problems.

When my son was about 2.5 months old I was hired on as a Medical Assistant at Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates. After just one day of assisting Dr. Lockwood with patients, I learned the importance of trimming toenails straight across.  I kept hearing Dr. Lockwood emphasize to her patients that when you trim toenails straight across you are training the nail to grow straight and not curve in, hence lessening the probability of getting ingrown toenails.

Besides improper trimming of toenails, ingrown toenails can also be inherited.  I personally have a history of ingrown toenails and have experienced their pain.  I knew that I wanted to do everything I could to keep from son from dealing with that same pain.

Just a day or two after learning about ingrown toenails from Dr. Lockwood it was time for my son to have his nails trimmed. As I sat there going slower and meticulously trimming my son’s nails I kept thinking about what Dr. Lockwood had said the few days before:
Okay Natalie- trim straight across to keep your little boy from potential ingrown nails that hurt.

Mason is a little over a year now and I informed/trained everyone that would potentially be trimming his nails on how to properly do it.  It might take just a little more time, but it is definitely worth decreasing the risk of ingrown toenails.

If you or your child has an ingrown toenail make sure you schedule an appointment immediaty to prevent more pain and possible infection.

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