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What is a 'Good' Shoe?

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Some of us spend hundreds of dollars on a single pair of shoes. Whether they’re dress shoes, high heels, sandals, or gym shoes, we need to keep in mind that just because a pair of shoes are high in price, does not necessarily mean that they are high in quality!

A good way to tell if your foot is being supported properly is to perform what we at HFAA like to call the “twist test”. With your shoe off, grasp the toe end of the shoe in one hand and the heel end in the other hand and twist in opposite directions (like you were wringing out a towel). The middle part of the shoe, where your arch lies, should stay firmly centered between the two ends and not twist.  If your shoe twists, then it is allowing your foot to do the same.  If your shoe does not twist, then it has the support and structure needed to properly support your foot and arch which will decrease pain and problems.

One area of the shoe that should have some give to it is the toe box, or front of the shoe.  Again holding the shoe in both hands, push up on the front of the shoe.  The front of the shoe should be able to bend up.  This motion is necessary for a proper walking pattern.  The last step of walking is the ‘toe off’- you push up off the ground with your toe.  The toe is the last part of your foot to leave the ground, propelling your body upwards and forwards to the next stride.  Your shoe must allow the toe area to bend up for proper stride.  

Sandals (especially foam flip flops) and some name brand gym shoes are especially susceptible to failing these tests! I know that I invested in what I thought was a great pair of running shoes.  These shoes are always endorsed by big name celebrities and athletes, and with the large price tag I expected them to be ultra comfortable for a reasonable amount of time. However, as soon as I finished a work week of wear, I noticed that they were giving and bending already- after a single week! Now I’m excited to wear a pair of HFAA’s Brooks gym shoes and am assured I will get months of comfortable wear.

You can experience high quality, stylish, comfy shoes too. Just stop by our office during normal business hours to have a foot care specialist measure your foot and help pick out the perfect shoe for you! The experts here at HFAA not only measure the length of your foot, but also measure width in addition to the heel to metatarsal length- 3 measurements in total to assure the best fit!

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