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You’ve Got Questions About Foot Problems. We’ve Got Answers

Don’t wait to get answers to some of the most common questions about foot pain. Find them in this FAQ for fast tips to help your feet get healthy.

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    What are custom orthotics?
    Orthotics are a custom molded insert for your shoe which correct your biomechanics.  These are mainly used to keep your foot and lower extremity functioning properly.

    Will orthotics correct my foot problem?
    Orthotics can alleviate the pain associated with your foot problem. They correct the foot problem while you are wearing them, but as soon as you take them off the same problem is still there. If patients wear their orthotics on a regular basis most foot pain is usually alleviated.

    Will orthotics fit into all of my shoes?
    There are different types of orthotics. Athletic orthotics will switch from shoe to shoe as long as they have a removable insole. Dress orthotics will fit into most of your dress shoes but not all of them. Patients who find success with orthotics often purchase multiple pairs!

    Can orthotics be used for athletic activities?
    Absolutely! orthotics can be used for all athletic activities. Many athletes could not perform without their orthotics, due to the discomfort associated with medical problems

    Why should I get a custom orthotic when I can buy a prefabricated custom orthotic at a pharmacy for a lot less money?
    Orthotic steps bought the local store only offer comfort.  Medical grade, custom orthotic inserts are tailored to each foot to provide both SUPPORT and COMFORT. 


    What shoes do you recommend for infants and toddlers?
    Children who are not yet walking do not need to wear shoes. Little feet grow fast so we want them to be as free to move as possible. A light sock is good for infants <1 year of age.

    For toddlers, a shoe with a strong sole and a flexible, wide toe box is essential. We like the following brands:

    1. Asics
    2. New Balance
    3. Pediped

    How often should my child have his foot measured?
    At least 4 times per year! Measuring your child’s feet seasonally will ensure an accurate, proper fit when choosing new shoes.

    Can I use hand me down shoes?
    For those ‘dress up’ occasions, absolutely. For every day play, NO WAY! Kids are rough on clothes and shoes! It’s important to replace frequently to limit the possibility of foot problems down the road.

    My child has a flatfoot. What can I do?
    It depends on two factors – age and pain. Children will naturally look like they have a flatfoot when they are between the ages of 1 ½ and 4. It’s important to have an annual biomechanical foot exam to look for problems before they cause pain.

    Foot pain is NEVER normal. If your child is complaining of foot pain, please call our office immediately to schedule an appointment!

    Does my child need inserts for his shoes?
    Sometimes yes! After evaluating your child’s gait, we can make recommendations based off of their complaint or foot type in order to help support and change any functional defects that are noticed. We use the following orthotics and medical grade inserts in our practice:

    1. Icon Orthotics
    2. Powerstep PowerKids Medical Grade Inserts

    What is an “orthotic outgrowth policy”?
    We pride ourselves at Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates at providing the most comprehensive care possible to all our patients – so we developed the Pediatric Orthotic Outgrowth Policy to allow children the opportunity to receive and enjoy custom orthotics and minimize the long term cost to parents.