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Why do I have hammertoes on my feet?

Hammertoes are formed by the pulling and stretching of the tendon in your foot. When one tendon gets more use than the other, a deformity called hammertoe can form. Hammertoes can be formed from different chemical imbalances such as stroke, arthritis, diabetes, and other neuromuscular conditions. Previous foot injuries are another factor that can lead to hammertoes.


Does a hammertoe form because of tight shoes?

While shoes don’t actually cause the hammertoe, yes, when someone wears shoes that are too tight, it can make your hammertoe worse. The squeezing of the toes and tendons from the narrow, pointy-toes shoes or heels can cause extra aggravation on your hammertoe.


What are the best shoes to wear with hammertoes?

We always recommend shoes from our shoe catalogs. They best shoe depends on the severity of the patient’s foot deformity. We recommend a shoe that can fit your hammertoe comfortably. Lycra shoes are a good bet for any deformity because they stretch around the foot not constricting or irritating the hammertoe.


What over the counter products help hammertoes?

We have a variety of over the counter products to help hammertoes. Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions are adjustable gel crest pads that lift, support and straighten bent toes while standing and walking. Dr. Jill’s also has toe separators to help separate over crowdedness hammertoes often display. Aetrex Sandalista Sandals offer Mozaic Customization Technology that offloads the tender hammertoe area. Biofreeze is the #1 selling cold therapy pain relief in the U.S. Dr. Comfort Slippers, PowerStep medical grade inserts, thera-band foot roller and thera-band kit are all available in office to purchase as well as custom molded orthotics. All these products can relieve pain associated with hammertoes as well.