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Aloe Grande Creme

Aloe Grande Crème

All-Purpose Crème for Skin Care


  • What is Aloe Grand Crème?

    Aloe Grand Crème is a fine, all-purpose cream suitable for all skin types. It is odorless and colorless for discrete use.

  • Who can benefit from Aloe Grand Crème?

    • Aloe Grand Crème can benefit anyone with dry, rough, or cracked skin. It is the everyday crème that Dr. Lockwood recommends to all patients.

  • How does Aloe Grand Crème work?

    Aloe Grand Crème has substantial doses of vitamins A and E, plus Aloe Vera Gel, to let nature's natural healing agents revitalize the skin. Topically applied vitamins play a useful role in combating various skin disorders. 

  • Orally ingested vitamins are not always transported to the skin in sufficient quantities because of poor absorption, improper functioning of metabolic systems, and aging.  Thus, the topical application of vitamins in Aloe Grand Crème provides the skin with local vitamin concentrations higher than those attained by oral ingestion, creating healthy, hydrated, youthful looking skin.

  • How do I use Aloe Grand Crème?

    Massage Aloe Grand Crème into skin once or twice daily or as prescribed by a physician.

  • The best time to apply crème is after a shower or bath, when the skin pores are open and can successfully absorb the most nutrients.

  • How much is Aloe Grand Crème?

    • One tub of Aloe Grand Crème is $20.20.

  • Additional Information on Aloe Grand Crème:

    • Aloe Grand Crème is made and manufactured in the USA, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.