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Amerigel Post Op Kit


Amerigel Post-Op
Surgical Kit

  • What is the Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit?

    The Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit is a packaged all-in-one kit containing all the necessary post operative treatment care to be used at home after an in-office procedure, or to treat an ulcer or wound.

  • Who can benefit from the Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit?

    The Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit provides convenient treatment for numerous post operative patients, such as those patients with wound or ulcer debridement, wart removal, and ingrown toenails procedures.

  • How does the Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit work?

    The Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit maintains a moist wound environment which is necessary for proper wound healing.

  • The kit contains a broad range of antimicrobial and antifungal agents that provide a barrier at the wound site to help fight infection.

  • The kit can reduce healing time by up to 20-50%, and can reduce post operative complications.

  • The kit eliminates the need for daily soaking and reduces treatment time.

  • How do I use the Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit?

    The Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit can be used in the comfort of your home.

  • Cleanse wound thoroughly with AmeriGel Wound wash and gently blot dry with gauze.Discard gauze.

  • Apply a small amount of AmeriGel Wound Dressing to the wound site.

  • Apply 1 fabric bandage across the nail, wrapping around the tip of the toe (for ingrown toenail procedures).

  • Repeat daily for 2 weeks unless otherwise directed by a physician.

  • How much is the Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit?

    • One Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit is $35.35.

  • Additional Information on the Amerigel Post-Op Surgical Kit:

    • Each kit contains a 30 day supply of continuous post operative care.

    • Each kit contains 1 1 oz. tube of AmeriGel Wound Dressing, 1 4 oz. container of Amerigel Wound Wash, 30 1”X3” latex-free fabric bandages, and 30 2”X2”non-woven gauze pads.

    • Each item in the Amerigel post op kit can be purchased individually if needed.