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Amerigel Wound Wash

Amerigel Wound Wash

  • What is Amerigel Wound Wash?

    Amerigel Wound Wash is a sterile wash used to irrigate, cleanse and hydrate wounds.

  • Who can benefit from Amerigel Wound Wash?

    Amerigel Wound Wash can benefit most types of wound care including ulcers, excised warts, and ingrown toenails.

  • It can also be used as a first-aid cleanser for minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

  • How does Amerigel Wound Wash work?

    Amerigel Wound Wash is a sterile, pH neutral 3-Salt Ringer’s Solution whose electrolyte content closely matches that of  extracellular fluid and provides the electrolyte balance essential for normal cell function.

  • Amerigel Wound Wash is non-cytotoxic and will not harm new developing granulation tissue.  

  • How do I use Amerigel Wound Wash?

    Follow label directions, dispense Amerigel Wound Wash by pointing and spraying at the affected area.  Repeat until clean.  Replace cap after each use.

  • How much is Amerigel Wound Wash?

    • One bottle of Amerigel Wound Wash is $10.10.

  • Additional Information on Amerigel Wound Wash:

    • Amerigel Wound Wash does not burn or sting and is drug and preservative free. 

    • Ameigel Wound Wash is packaged in controlled pressure technology containers allowing for easy wound cleansing at any angle, even upside down.