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Dr. Comfort Slippers


Dr. Comfort Slippers                               

  • What are Dr. Comfort Slippers?

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers are extra depth, ultra comfort, podiatry approved slippers with a non-skid sole to prevent falls, a separate toe box to reduce the chance of stubbing your toe, and come with a complimentary pair of extra depth inserts.

  • Who can benefit from Dr. Comfort Slippers?

    • ANYONE can benefit from Dr. Comfort Slippers- they are a safe supportive podiatrist recommended slipper.

    • Dr. Comfort slippers are ideal for diabetics as well as those who suffer from foot/heel pain, bunions, hammertoes, high arch, edema (swelling), or neuropathy (numbness in the feet).

  • How do Dr. Comfort Slippers work?

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers are light weight for easy, care-free walking.

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers have a larger toe-box to prevent rubbing and pain with hammertoes and/or bunions.The large toe box also provides extra protection and reduces the change of stubbing your toe.

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers have a none-slip rubber sole to steady walking and reduce fall risk.

    • The thick rubber sole provides added protection against foreign objects.

    • If one should step on a sharp object it has little chance of piercing through the shoe and making contact with the skin. This is ideal for anyone with neuropathy (numbness in the feet) who may not be able to feel the sharp object.

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers come with a removable medical grade insert for arch support and stability. The slipper can accommodate any extra depth insert including custom orthotics.

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers have a brushed microfiber outer body with a luxurious fleece lining for added softness and comfort.

  • How much are Dr. Comfort Slippers?

    • One pair of Dr. Comfort Slippers is $80.80.

    • Price includes shipping, handling, tax, and returns or exchanges if needed.

  • Additional Information on Dr. Comfort Slippers:

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers are available in two styles:

      • Women’s Cozy or Men’s Easy – open back

      • Women’s Cuddle Men’s Relax – enclosed back

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers come in 3 colors:

      • Pink, Camel (light brown), and dark brown

    • All Dr. Comfort Slippers come in a wide width.

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers are available in Women’s size 6-11 or Men’s 7-13 with no half sizes.

    • Dr. Comfort Slippers are currently NOT reimbursed under the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program.