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Dr. Jill's Hammertoe Cushions


Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushion

  • What are Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions?

    Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions are adjustable gel crest pads that lift, support and straighten bent toes while standing and walking.

  • Who can benefit from Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions?

    Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions relieve pressure, pain and corns at the tips of toes.

  • Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions help support and straighten out hammertoes and bent, crooked, or overlapping toes.

  • How does Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions work?

    Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions work by supporting bent and crooked toes with a medical grade gel pad.When pressure is applied (i.e. walking or standing) instead of curling under, toes lay straightly across the top of the pad.

  • The adjustable fabric loop holds the pad in place with or without shoe gear on all sized toes.

  • How do I use Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions?

    Apply Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions to a clean and dry foot.

  • Gently adjust the loop from the NON FIXED END to fit toe (do no pull on the fixed end of the loop embedded in the gel). Slip 2nd or 3rd toe through the opening with the gel pad placed underneath the toes.

  • Gently pull the tail end of the top loop to comfortably secure pad in place. Be careful not to pull loop too tight around toes.

  • Remove cushion at least 3 to 4 hours daily to allow the skin to breathe.

  • How much are Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions?

    • One Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushion is $10.10.

  • Additional Information on Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions:

    • Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions are not bilateral (cannot be worm on both feet). The product’s box will indicate which foot the pad was specifically made for.

    • Remove padding while sleeping at night.

    • To clean Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions, hand wash with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.Lightly dust with talcum powder if gel becomes sticky with washing.

    • Dr. Jill’s Hammertoe Cushions is made and manufactured in the United States.