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Dr. Jill's Toe Separator

What are Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators?Dr. Jill's Toe Separators
Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators are soft foam or medical grade gel wedges that go in between toes to reduce friction, prevent over-lapping, decrease corn and callous formation, and provide cushion.
Who can benefit from Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators?
Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators help with corns, calluses, tender bony prominences, overlapping toes, nail problems, and any in-between toe pain that needs cushioning or separation. They also help prevent ingrown toenails.
How do Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators work?
  • Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators cushion and separate toes in order to avoid painful rubbing, corn and callus formation, and other problems caused from friction between the toes.
  • Both styles are made from medical grade products.
How do I use Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators?
  • Apply Dr. Jill’s Toe Separator between clean, dry toes.
  • Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators can be worn alone or underneath socks and shoes. It can be used with all styles of footwear.
How much are Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators?
  • One box of 10 Foam Toe Separators is $5.05.
  • One Gel Toe Separator is $5.05
Additional Information on Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators:
  • There are 2 styles of the Foam Toe Separators in each package: 1 with a hole and 1 with a ‘tail’. You get 5 of each style, so you can mix and match both to achieve the ultimate customized comfort.
  • There are 3 sizes of Gel Toe Separators: small, medium and large, to accommodate every toe.
  • To clean Gel Toe Separators, hand wash with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Lightly dust with talcum powder if gel becomes sticky.
  • Dr. Jill’s Toe Separators are made and manufactured in the United States