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Extra Depth Shoes


Extra Depth Shoes

  • What are Extra Depth Shoes?

    • Extra Depth Shoes are stylish shoes with added depth, a larger toe box, and widths ranging from extra narrow to extra extra wide.

  • Who can benefit from Extra Depth Shoes?

    • Extra Depth shoes are beneficial for EVERYONE- if you have redness or rubbing with shoe gear, 2 different size feet, heels that slip, difficulty finding shoes that fit properly, or sore feet at the end of the day, you may benefit from wearing shoes with added depth.

    • Extra Depth Shoes comfortably accommodate conditions such as hammertoes, bunions, cross over toe, edema (swelling), neuropathy (loss of sensation/ burning or numbness), amputations, heel pain, high arch, flat feet, ankle instability, high fall risk, frequent ingrown toenails, and any condition that requires bracing.

    • Extra Depth Shoes are highly recommended for anyone with diabetes.

      • If you are diabetic, your insurance company may allow for 1 pair of shoes and 3 pairs of inserts per year.Ask a team member for details and to get scheduled for your shoe fitting appointment!

  • How do Extra Depth Shoes work?

    • Extra Depth Shoes are at least ¼” deeper than regular shoes, allowing your foot to sit deeper in than a normal shoe.

      • This comfortably allows for use of custom orthotics, medical grade inserts, diabetic insoles, and/or bracing.

      • The additional depth provides room for bunions, hammertoes, or cross over toes without rubbing on the shoe gear, in turn reducing or eliminating pain and preventing further complications due to friction.

  • How much are Extra Depth Shoes?

    • One pair of any style of Extra Depth Shoes is $181.80.

    • This price includes length, width, and circumference measurements by a foot care expert, shipping, handling, and exchanges.

    • Anyone with diabetes may quality for extra depth shoes through their insurance company.Ask a team member for details and to get scheduled for your shoe fitting appointment.You do NOT have to be a patient to get shoes through your insurance company.

  • Additional Information on Extra Depth Shoes:

    • Extra Depth Shoes come in an array of fashionable styles including feminine merry janes, tennis shoes, running shoes, dress shoes, summer shoes, boat shoes, winter boots, and work boots.

    • Extra Depth Shoes are available in a rainbow of colors including white, beige, taupe, copper, brown, gray, black, and bold shades of reds, pinks, blues, and greens!

    • Extra Depth Shoes come in leather, mesh, suede, and lycra materials, and have enclosures including lace, 1-4 discrete Velcro straps, and bungee cord. 

    • We carry several different Extra Depth Shoe brands including Brooks, Aetrex, Red Wing, SureFit, Oasis, Drew, Apis, Rockport, Hush Puppies, and New Balance (with ROLLBAR graphite technology for exceptional rear foot stability).