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Gordon’s No. Five

What is Gordon’s No. Five?Gordon's No. Five
Gordon’s No. Five is an aerosol spray powder that cools and soothes hot tired feet and treats foot odor, perspiration (sweating) and athlete’s foot with a light discrete pleasantly scented powder mist.
Who can benefit from Gordon’s No. Five?
  • Gordon’s No. Five can benefit anyone who experiences hot, tired, sweaty, odorous feet, or athlete’s foot.
  • Gordon’s No. Five is particularly useful for joggers or runners and other sport enthusiasts.
How does Gordon’s No. Five work?
Gordon’s No. Five is unique because it is a powder in a spray form, a convenient alternative to conventional powders or lotions. It is perfect for people on the go and can even be used with sandals or barefoot!
How do I use Gordon’s No. Five?
  • Shake well. Hold Gordon’s No. Five at a comfortable angle and spray feet and toes 4-6 inches away from foot.
  • Use twice a day or as directed by a physician.
How much is Gordon’s No. Five?
One bottle of Gordon’s No. Five is $15.15.
Additional Information on Gordon’s No. Five:
Gordon’s No. Five is made and manufactured in the USA, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.