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Hydro-Cutis™ Cream

Hydro-Cutis Cream

What is Hydro-Cutis™ Cream?
Hydro-Cutis™ Cream is a safe, effective, medical-grade formula designed for daily skin therapy for the lower legs, ankles, and feet.  This relieves dry skin, gently exfoliates, and intensely hydrates.  This product is ideal for both our diabetic and non-diabetic patients!   This product was developed by BAKO Integrated Physician Solutions.

Who can benefit from Hydro-Cutis™ Cream?
Hydro-Cutis™ Cream is beneficial to patients who need to restore and rehydrate their lower extremities.  This lotion is perfect for diabetic and non-diabetic patients. 

How does Hydro-Cutis™ Cream work?
Hydro-Cutis™ Cream ‘s active ingredient is Ammonium Lactate. This is a clinically proven skin hydrator and exfoliator.  This pH-balanced formula gently encourages natural skin cell renewal by eliminating dead cells on the skins surface.  It relieves rough, dry skin with long-lasting action! 

How do I use Hydro-Cutis™ Cream?
Hydro-Cutis™ Cream is to be applied to the lower extremities twice a day, after bathing and before bed, as directed by the HFAA physician staff.  

How much is Hydro-Cutis™ Cream?
Hydro-Cutis™ Cream is $30.30.

Additional Information about Hydro-Cutis™ Cream:
Hydro-Cutis™ Cream is a liquid formulation that will easily absorb into the skin. It does not leave any greasy residue on skin as well as leaving you with a smooth & silky feel! It is also a clean scent, paraben-free, and dries quickly! 

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