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Kera Nail Gel Antifungal





Kera Nail Gel
Professional Antifungal

  • What is Kera Nail Gel?

    Kera Nail Gel is a unique solution which helps to soften and debride the nail.

  • Who can benefit from Kera Nail Gel?

    • Kera Nail Gel can benefit patients suffering from fungal nails and athlete’s foot.

    • Anyone that has thick nails.

  • How does Kera Nail Gel work?

    Kera Nail Gel is a high potency nail treatment that utilizes tea tree oil, menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oils.

  • Softens nails and keratinizes skin

  • Enhances anti-fungal penetration

  • Facilitates nail debridement

  • Improves the appearance of abnormal nails.

  • How do I use Kera Nail Gel?

    • Apply Kera Nail Gel to the affected nail(s) twice a day.

    • Apply Kera Nail Gel to the affected skin areas twice per day and rub gel until absorbed.

    • The best time to apply Kera Nail Gel is after a shower or bath, when the skin and nail pores are open and can successfully absorb the most medicine.

  • How much does Kera Nail Gel cost?

    • One bottle of Kera Nail Gel is $30.30.

  • Additional Information on Kera Nail Gel:

    • Make sure the cap on Kera Nail Gel is tightly secured after each use to prevent product from getting thick and sticky.