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PowerKids - Foot Orthotics for Kids

  • What are PowerKids:

    PowerKids are pre-fabricated foot orthoses (orthotics) exclusively designed for kids with sizes ranging from toddlers 7.5 to children’s 4.5 (or up to ages 10-12 years old).

  • Who can benefit from PowerKids:

    Children with flat feet, balance and coordination problems, pain, bad posture, minimal strength in feet and legs can ALL benefit from PowerKids.

  • Signs your child may need PowerKids include: they cannot keep up with peers, withdraws from activities they usually enjoy, does not want t show you their feet, often trips or falls, complains of pain – IT IS NOT NORMAL FOR YOUR CHILD TO HAVE FOOT PAIN!

  • How do PowerKids work?

    PowerKids have an ultra deep heel cup to help maximize rearfoot control and realign the Achilles' Tendon. There is exceptional arch support with a deep flare to assure both comfort and correction.

  • How do I use PowerKids?

    Remove the insert from your child’s shoes and replace with PowerKids. Do not have any additional inserts in the shoe. Move PowerKids as far back in the heel area as possible.

  • The break in period for PowerKids is 7-10 days. Start with normal activity and gradually work towards more demanding activities such as sports. Socks should be worn in conjunction with PowerKids to avoid blisters.

  • How much are PowerKids?

    • One pair of PowerSteps is $40.40.

  • Additional Information on PowerKids:

    • It is common for children to appear to have flat feet up to the age of 2. Around the age of 3 the arch should be more noticeable while the child is sitting or lying down. The arch will flatten out minimally when standing.

    • Developmental flatfoot is one of the most common conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system of children and teens. It is the precursor to serious foot dysfunction and recognizing it early in life will save joints and musculoskeletal issues later in life.

    • To clean PowerKids, hand wash with mild soap and water.