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About Bloomington/Normal and Living In Central Illinois.

Before you think "I don't want to move all the way to central Illinois", consider all the great benefits of working and living in a family friendly community that is very focused on health an wellness!

Central Illinois is a wonderful place to live and work!  I relocated here in 2008 following a three year residency.  Six years later, I am enjoying a wonderful family, a very successful practice, and taking full advantage of the wonderful Midwestern lifestyle.  The best way to describe our community is friendliness and family centered living. 

  • Getting around is simple and one of the reasons that makes BloNo (our slang for Bloomington-Normal) a stress-free place to live.  We are centrally located about 2 hours from Chicago and 3 hours from both Indianapolis and St. Louis.  Central Illinois Regional Airport (CIRA) makes travel easy! 
  • We have great access to local arts as well as the freedom to travel to either St. Louis or Chicago on Amtrak at any time!

The cost of living is very reasonable, making home ownership very affordable in Central Illinois!

We are the home of State Farm Insurance, Country Company Insurance, and Beer Nuts!   There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy it all with live concerts, theatre and wonderful festivals every summer.  We have even jumped on the food truck bandwagon with lots of great dining options.

The twin cities are home to two major institutions of higher education – Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University.  BloNo also hosts the state Special Olympics Summer games and many state high school championship sporting events. 

And you’ll hear this all the time; “Bloomington/Normal is a great place to raise your kids.”  Why-  Because it’s such a family oriented town, with great schools, an huge variety of community sports and activities, exciting college and minor league (we have semi professional baseball, hockey and arena football) sports teams and a great system of parks, lakes, and trails.

For More information about our Schools, please visit:

District 87 (Bloomington)

Unit 5 (Normal)

Also, please check out our Chamber of Commerce and Vistor's Convention Bureau websites for more information about our great community!