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NeuRemedy - The Neuropathy Vitamin


  • What is NeuRemedy?

    NeuRemedy is a vitamin supplement with a B1 complex and Thiamine that targets neuropathy symptoms and helps control them.

  • Who can benefit from NeuRemedy?

    • NeuRemedy can benefit anyone with the symptoms of numbness, tingling, burning and shooting pains in the feet and legs.

  • How does NeuRemedy work?

    • NeuRemedy works by nourishing the nerves. When a person's nerves are deficient in thiamine their nerves function abnormally. This may cause the sensation of burning, tingling, numbness, and/or shooting pains in their feet, legs, or hands. NeuRemedy restores thiamine levels and in return alleviates the symptoms of neuropathy. Low thiamine levels are a known cause of peripheral neuropathy.

  • How do I use NeuRemedy?

    Take 1-2 capsules of NeuRemedy twice a day with or without meals as directed by physician.

  • How much does NeuRemedy cost?

    • One bottle of NeuRemedy is $30.30.

  • Additional Information on NeuRemedy:

    • For some people NeuRemedy starts working in a matter of days. For others, NeuRemedy may take up to two months to work.

    • NeuRemedy can be taken with other vitamins, supplements and medicines including prescription medications.