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Powerstep Medical Grade Inserts


Powersteps are a podiatrist designed medical grade insert that not only cushion but provide real support and stability to the entire foot optimizing pain relief, proper foot posture and mechanics, and injury prevention.
Who can benefit from Powersteps?
  • Powersteps are beneficial for EVERYONE- if you have sore, tired, or achy feet after standing, walking, or physical activity you could benefit from Powersteps. Powersteps allow you to do the things you love to do, pain-free.
  • Powersteps alleviate all foot pain including pain in the heel, arch, ball, ankle, and lateral aspect of the foot (Personeal Tendonitis) as well as pain caused from arthritis and plantar fasciitis.
How do Powersteps work?
Without support feet tend to pronate (roll inward), causing the arch to collapse, straining the plantar fascia (a band of tissue).
  • Over time the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, causing pain and discomfort.
  • Excess pronation can cause strain on the ankles, knees, and/or back.
  • Powersteps properly support the foot, preventing these problems.
Powersteps are made up of a unique 4 step design.
  • A strong, medical-grade polypropylene shell (arch support) is calibrated for optimal flexibility and support.
  • Next, a double-layered, shock absorbing Poron/EVA cushion casing provides maximum comfort and absorbs shock.
  • Then, a heel cradle and Comfort Cushion stabilizes and protects the heel.
  • A heat and slip reducing anti-microbial fabric tops it all off.
The semi-flexible plastic shell encapsulated between layers of luxurious foam cushioning gives the Powerstep difference- flexible enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to achieve proper support.
How do I use Powersteps?
  • Powersteps are to be worn instead of any other insert. Remove any insert in your shoe before placing Powersteps in shoes.
  • Powersteps fit in most shoe types.
How much are Powersteps?
One pair of Powersteps is $40.40.