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What is SteriShoe?SteriShoe
The SteriShoe shoe sanitizer is an innovative foot care product that provides a healthier environment for your feet by sanitizing the inside of your shoes. The SteriShoe sanitizer is the only product clinically proven to kill up to 99.9% of problematic microorganisms that cause Toe Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot, and Offensive shoe odor!

Who can benefit from SteriShoe?

  • Anyone that would like to get rid of, or prevent Toe Nail Fungus, Athletes Foot and shoe odor can benefit from SteriShoe.
  • A must for diabetics as part of their general foot care regimen.

How does SteriShoe work?
The SteriShoe sanitizer destroys microorganisms in shoes with its germicidal UVC lamp. UVC has been used as a germicide for decades in hospitals and water treatment systems.

How do I use SteriShoe?
When you take off your shoes you can insert the SteriShoe sanitizer into your shoes as you would insert a normal shoe tree. A simple press of a button starts a 45 minute treatment cycle. After 45 minutes up to 99.9% of the harmful microbes that can cause toenail fungus, athlete's foot and offensive shoe odor are destroyed.

How much is SteriShoe?
$131. 30 when sold separately, but we also offer Laser packages that include the SteriShoe.

Additional Information on SteriShoe:

  • The SteriShoe ultraviolet shoe sanitizer is the world's first product to safely and effectively sanitize the inside of your shoes without using chemicals.
  • The SteriShoe shoe sanitizer is sold in pairs so you treat a pair of shoes with each application. The treatment time is 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, the germicidal lamp automatically turns off and the SteriShoe shoe sanitizer supports the shape of your shoe like a regular shoe tree.
  • We wash our clothes and we dry-clean our clothes. Given the fact that we sweat up to ½ a pint a day per foot, it's a good thing we can finally sanitize the inside of our shoes with the SteriShoe ultraviolet shoe sanitizer.