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We are continuously looking for ways to improve the quality of care we provide as well as helping you understand your diagnosis and treatment regimen. At Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates, we have built a state of the art facility hidden within a comfortable and relaxed environment. With the changing digital world, we stay current with the latest in diagnostic tools and equipment like:


NEW! Laser Treatment for Pain Management

Laser Treatment for Pain ManagementAt Heartland Foot and Ankle Assoicates, we are continuously looking for new ways to help you manage your pain more effectively. Our latest method for treating your pain is to utilize laser therapy. Laser (or light) therapy breaks up the inflammation and tissues naturally without utilizing medications or steroids. This therapy uses infrared wavelenthgs to penetrate more deeply into the tissue and break up scar adhesions. By breaking up the scars within a tendon or ligament, we allow the white blood cells and acute inflammations cells to back in and actively repair these problems. It is the best and most effective option before discussing the need for several weeks of physical therapy to further repair the injured tendon or ligament.

Laser therapy is a quick, painless, in office procedure with no side effects. Patients have felt relief from the laser immediately! Dr. Lockwood recommends 6 or 12 laser sessions, depending on the diagnosis and severity, which last about 10-15 minutes each. The sessions are spaced out every 3-5 days to maximize your results.

Our laser pain management therapy is a wonderful alternative to other potentially harmful treatments and is a way to preclude any need for surgery further down the road. For more information about how laser therapy for pain can help you, please call the office at 309-661-9975.


Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound (MSK)Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • MSK provides a quick and painless aid to diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue and bony injury and/or pathology. You receive an immediate treatment without being referred for an expensive and often uncomfortable diagnostic study. Pathologies in which ultrasound has proven beneficial include but are not limited to: plantar fascia tears and inflammation, tendonitis tears and ruptures, cysts, neuromas, tarsal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, ligament strains and tears, ankle sprains and strains, foreign bodies, stress fractures, muscle injuries and rupture.


On-site Digital RadiographyDigital Radiography on site

  • Our digital x-ray system eliminates the old fashion film and places your x-rays on a computer that can be viewed at any time. This gives us the ability to manipulate the views allowing for better diagnosis of problems that could be overlooked with regular film x-rays. These x-rays can easily be shared with referring doctors or family by placing them on a CD which can be viewed on any computer.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  • We utilize the most advanced medical documentation system to document your visit and to keep your primary care doctor well informed of your condition. This electronic medical record system insures permanent storage and instant recall of your medical history and treatment while insuring patient privacy and confidentiality.


Online Appointments/Scheduling Requests

  • We know you live a busy life and sometimes going to the foot doctor is the last thing on your mind. So, we want to make scheduling appointments as convenient as possible. You can go to our website anytime, day or night, to request an appointment to see Dr. Lockwood.


Doppler Vascular Testing

  • The probe of the machine shoots sound waves at the red blood cells in the artery, and the speed of the red blood cells is measured by noting how quickly the sound waves bounce back off the blood cells towards the Doppler probe. The test works because if there is vascular disease, the blood vessels are more constricted, which causes the speed of the red blood cells to go down, giving a different read-out on the Doppler machine. The test is completely painless. Diabetics, smokers, the elderly, and anyone else with circulation concerns should be considered for this sort of vascular testing.


PADnet TestingPADnet Testing

  • PADnet is a diagnostic test that can provide early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease, known as P.A.D. PADnet detects blockages in arteries and the quality of blood flow using pulse volume recordings and segmental blood pressure measurements. The results from this test will allow your doctor to determine the best treatment options.