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VerruStat Wart Remover 

VerruStat Wart Remover

  • What is VerruStat?

    VerruStat is a topical formula that painlessly manages as well as aides in the removal of common and plantar warts.

  • Who can benefit from VerruStat?

    VerruStat benefits anyone with common and plantar warts.

  • How does VerruStat work?

    VerruStat is a keratolytic agent; it breaks down the rough layer of the epidermal tissues known as the keratin.

  • The Salicylic Acid (17% USP) in VerruStat exerts a marked keratolytic action which makes it a beneficial agent in the local treatment of warts.

  • The Flexible Collodion in the formula provides a protective antiseptic barrier that hardens over the affected area, which is beneficial in 2 ways:

    • It prevents the Salicylic Acid from being washed away from excessive skin moisture or from bathing/ swimming.

    • It keeps the Salicylic Acid against the wart, so it can treat and diminish the wart, decreasing or eliminating pain.

  • How do I use VerruStat?

    Wash affected area and dry area thoroughly. 

  • Apply one drop of VerruStat at a time to sufficiently cover each wart. Let dry.

  • Cover with duct tape to seclude the medicine to the wart alone. 

  • Repeat 1 time daily as needed for up to 12 weeks or as directed by physician.

  • How much is VerruStat?

    • One bottle of VerruStat is $20.20. It also can be bought as part of a kit. 

  • Additional Information on Gordofilm:

    • For ease of use and to prevent further complications, we recommend purchasing the ‘Wart Kit’ for $30.30. It contains:

      • 1 bottle of VerruStat - treatment medication

      • 1 personal pumi bar- for scrubbing off dead skin cells from treatment

      • 10 cotton tipped applicators- for precise treatment application

    • Make sure the cap on VerruStat is tightly secured after each use to prevent product from getting thick and sticky.

    • Do not use on moles, birthmarks, warts with hair growing from them, genital warts, warts on the face or mucous membranes.